All Things Toddler Bundle

30 Titles with over 1300 pages of printables & resources
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30 Jan - 05 Feb 2017

This digital bundle is perfect for anyone with a toddler (ages 1-3) in their life! Covering everything from crafts and activities to educational printables. The resources in this bundle are sure to get your little one having fun through play while learning.

Included a surprise bonus pack with 20 MORE printables! This bundle contains ONLY digital products which you download to your computer to view and print.

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STEM for Little Learners: Toddler-Friendly STEM Activities Kids will Love!

Have you always wanted to try STEM activities for kids but just didn't have the right resource? Find everything you need to get started with STEM activities for the youngest scientists. Each activity was carefully chosen to boost STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and math) in toddlers and preschoolers.

Art, Craft and Cooking with Toddlers

If you’re the parent or caregiver of a toddler, you might be feeling the pressure to introduce them to the world of arts and crafts. But where do you start? Art, Craft and Cooking with Toddlers guides the reader through some simple projects – including several mess-free painting ideas!

The ebook features a handy guide to buying craft materials and also offers tips on cooking, sensory play, making use of recyclables and suggestions on how to work with a mixed-age group of children.

The Toddler Journey

100 hands-on activities to keep toddlers busy in the area of sensory play, fine motor, gross motor, art, and mess-free activities. This book also includes a list of developmental milestones for toddlers. The Toddler Journey is perfect for parents, teachers, grandparents, and caregivers.


Activities that are appropriate for your one year old! DISCOVER has activity plans that are safe for your one year old to discover and explore.

The Undeniable Power of Play Toddler Edition

Find sensory play ideas, arts and crafts, science activities, baby-safe play and more!

Rice Play

This color rice ebook is an amazing resource with over 25 activity and craft ideas for toddlers featuring great photos, easy to follow instructions, a NO-FAIL color rice recipe PLUS each idea can easily be done at home!

Feeding Toddlers. A Pediatrician's Guide to Happy and Healthy Mealtimes

Feeding Toddlers will show you how to feed your toddlers (picky, fussy or otherwise) a healthy diet in such a way that they will learn to love healthy food and develop healthy eating habits. You will learn the stress free way to toddler eating, to bring happiness to your mealtimes.

Good Night, Animal World: A Kids Yoga Bedtime Story

Help your children sleep better with this yoga bedtime story!

Say good night to the animals of the world through calming yoga poses for kids. Join six yoga kids as you perch like a bald eagle, crouch like a tiger, and curl up like a sloth. Included is a list of Yoga Poses and a Parent Guide with tips on creating a successful bedtime experience.


Montessori Pre-Reading Activities Pack

Over 30 pages of 5 traditional Montessori Pre-Reading Lesson Materials that will easily get you started in your home or new classroom, or freshen up your current classroom work.

Fall Activities for 2's and 3's

These hands-on printables incorporate a variety of materials for toddlers and preschoolers to use in a variety of activities this fall.

Winter Wonderland Coloring Bundle

A bundle of winter themed coloring pages

21 Counting Rhymes for Kids

A set of fun, friendly, easy-to-use printable rhymes that reinforce counting forward and backward to five and ten. Each poem makes a wonderful finger play and comes with suggestions for actions! Integrating counting with literacy and actions is a multisensory approach to education that improves learning, increases attention spans, and is more fun for everyone!!

Toddler's First 200 Words: Matching Pack

Give your toddler a head start with this set of 24 matching activities specifically designed for ages 18 months - 3 1/2 years. Encourage speech and language development, introduce vocabulary, the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and more! This pack features approximately 200 words that children typically learn within their first few years, all depicted with REAL photographs.

Pre-Writing Tracing Pack

Practice pre-writing and fine motor skills with this pack of 21 fun tracing worksheets for toddlers ages 2-4! Starting with horizontal and vertical lines, then progressing to more challenging zig zags, curves, mazes and circles. The fun, colorful pages will keep toddlers engaged while promoting writing readiness. For best results, laminate the pages to create reusable mats that can be wiped off and traced again and again!

Land, Air, and Water Transportation Sorting Cards

Following Montessori principles, these Land, Air, and Water Transportation Sorting Cards feature real photographs of actual modes of transportation that are designed to travel on land, in the air, or in the water.

These cards can be printed and used as part of early Montessori geography lessons or simply as a sorting activity for children who are wild about all types of vehicles and transportation modes.

Montessori Inspired Counting and Sorting Math cards

This is a set of 60 cards with numbers from 1 to 10 as well as 5 cards with images of objects corresponding to that number.

The objective is to have your child count the objects on the picture card and sort them under the appropriate numeral card.

Bath time and personal hygiene language cards

This set of cards is made for toddlers. It supports language development and vocabulary enrichment. It includes such words as toothbrush, washcloth, bath toys, shampoo, hand cream, nail clipper, towel and others.

The material consists of:
- 20 cards without names
- 20 cards with names

DIY Play Tent Pattern

Time for a picnic, a cosy place to sit and read, playing at camping by torchlight, a tea party with friends or even a rocket ship shooting to the stars. Your very own DIY Play Tent will become all these and more! From the bedroom to the backyard, whatever type of pretend play your child enjoys, they will love this simple to sew play tent.

The comprehensive instruction booklet includes easy-to-follow instructions for the beginner to intermediate sewer. The 17 page document includes step-by-step instructions, photographs and pattern pieces. You’ll be off and playing in no time!

Winter Art Prompts: 12 Printable Pictures to Finish

Art prompts encourage creativity, open-ended thinking and problem-solving skills in children. An unfinished painting poses a question, and it’s up to children to find a solution, while learning in the process that there is no single right answer.

This eBook features 12 printable pictures for children to finish with markers, play-dough and paints. Most pictures require only a few details to be added, so it's great for toddlers. Since you can print as many copies as you want, the book is ideal for siblings, art groups and kids who simply like to “do it again!”

Match This! Matching Games for Toddlers

Memory games aren't just for big kids! Does your toddler love matching? It's a perfect activity for little kids as they work on important skills such as visual discrimination, visual scanning, familiarity with one-dimensional print, learning to connect real objects with print, one-to-one correspondence, vocabulary, and more.

This Match This! Matching Games for Toddlers ebook features a wide range of themes to choose from to set up a quick and simple, reusable matching game for your toddler. But it doesn't end there! You'll also find instructions for playing matching and memory games at different skill levels (including building up to playing a full memory game) and ideas for extending the learning with older kids.

Potty Training Reward System for Boys

This complete Potty Training package will have your little man ready to rock their bathroom breaks! Easy to use sticker charts, mom tips and reward cards will make the process both smooth and super fun for your boy. This Reward System will take the guesswork out of your next steps and make potty training a breeze!

Farm Printables For Toddlers

Farm Pack is designed for children ages 2 – 3. Children are generally found of animals, especially ones that they have more frequent encounters with – animals that live on the farm. All images are realistic. There are various activities made to assist the child in developing fine motor skills, problem solving, learning new vocabulary and practising to identify colours.

500 Vocabulary Picture Cards

Get over 500 photo cards in over 35 different themes... from zoo animals to transportation, you'll find the image you're looking for! Use these bright cards to teach vocabulary, early literacy, critical thinking, and more. These are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, ESL learners, and children with autism and other learning challenges.

Montessori-inspired Arctic Animals Printable Pack

Pre-writing practice, cutting practice, size sorting, counting practice, matching cards and more fun activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Blow & Pop Vocabulary Dot Pages

"Blow and Pop" dot pages that teach vocabulary. 24 pages included in the set. Fun to use with dot markers. NO PREP.

Playdough Mats

The bright and colorful playdough mats give kids hands-on practice with fine motor skills, upper and lowercase letter formation, letter sounds, 2D shapes, counting and writing the numbers 1 to 10.

Think Spring Coloring Bundle

A bundle of coloring pages to help you think spring

26 A-Z Toddler Lace Up Cards

Perfect for early alphabet learning and fine motor skill development.

Night Sky Do-A-Dot Shape Mats

These printable do-a-dot shape mats feature a lovely starry night sky background. Perfect for teaching toddlers fine motor skills, shapes, and the world around us!

Kitchen Utensil Language Cards

This set of cards is made for toddlers. It includes such utensil as spoon, fork, plate, kettle, bowl, pot, frying pan and other. The cards are for language development and vocabulary enrichment.

The material consists of:
- 24 cards without names
- 24 cards with names


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