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The Alphabet and Literacy Bundle
the best alphabet and literacy resources at your fingertips

36 Alphabet & Literacy Tools
to help children:

  • Learn important pre-writing and writing skills
  • Easily recognize and identify letters – both uppercase and lowercase
  • Learn letter sounds and connect them to words
  • Increase fine motor skills to help with correct pencil grasp
  • Increase vocabulary and language skills

Teaching isn’t one size fits all.

What works for one child won’t necessarily work for another.

That’s why we’ve created a treasure chest of resources for children 3-7 years old with tools for all types of learners.

Meet children where they are at and find strategies that work for them and their own unique learning style!

Give children the tools they need to succeed from trusted and experienced educators:

Preschool and elementary teachers

Montessori certified teachers

School administrators

Occupational therapists

Homeschool mamas


Learning the alphabet is just the beginning...

Guide children through the process of:

Language development

Pre-writing and writing skills

Phonics and decoding

See what is in the
Alphabet and Literacy Bundle

Letter Identification and sounds, phonics, decoding, and language development

Alphabet Carpet Games for Circle Time

A quick and fun way for preschoolers to practice letter identification, beginning sound awareness, and oral language vocabulary. The set includes 26 hide & find carpet games each with a rhyming poem, 8 pictures that start with the same letter, and printable letters to hide

Interactive Alphabet Folder

These interactive alphabet folders make the perfect lapbooks for young learners. Cut and paste into a folder for some alphabet fun. The folder contains activities for learners as they color alphabet pictures, sort and find uppercase and lower case letters, explore different fonts, create an alphabet flip book, trace letters, and much more!

Secret Spy Alphabet Activities Pack

This super UNIQUE Secret Spy game is so much fun your children will be begging to learn! Use the secret spy word viewer to find and write upper- and lowercase letters, initial sounds and simple CVC words. Great for preschool, kindergarten and first grade.

35 Circle Time Songs and Chants to Build Literacy Skills

35 songs, chants, and activities that will build phonological awareness, alphabet recognition, vocabulary, and more pre-reading skills.

40 Fun & Engaging Alphabet & Word Activities for Kids

A collection of 40 awesome ways to play and learn with letters and develop literacy skills.

52 Alphabet Letter Crafts for Kids

This awesome alphabet book consists of 52 alphabet letter crafts, two for each letter both upper and lowercase, full-color photos, instructions for assembling each of the crafts, material lists for those that would like to create their own crafts, and printable templates in both color and black and white for those that would prefer to just print, cut, and paste.

CVC Word Puzzle Pack

A fun and motivating way to encourage emergent readers! This set of hands-on puzzles will get your students and children excited about reading CVC words in order to reveal the mystery images.

A to Z Español - Spanish Alphabet Learning Kit

Learn how to say and read all the letters of the Spanish alphabet with this learning kit! This product includes tracing pages for each Spanish letter, as well as Spanish alphabet flashcards and a full pronunciation key!

Magna Tile Alphabet Cards: Uppercase & Lowercase Letters

A great addition to your literacy center, these idea cards encourage kids to make letters from Magna-Tiles, Picasso Tiles, and other magnetic tiles

No Prep Sight Words Pre-Primer

Are ready to teach your student sight words but find it intimidating? The No Prep Sight Words Pre-Primer edition is designed to be: -Print and go -Allows you kids to be independent in their activities -Hands on and fun I’m talking about using dice and spinners and dot markers here

Zooming Moving Alphabet Set

A set of ABC activities that all center around the theme of things that go. From ambulance to zeppelin, this set catches the attention of those kids who just love things that move! Each letter features 35 pages of letter practice from writing, matching, prewriting, coloring, and more!

Beginning Sounds BINGO

Perfect for building phonetic awareness! Preschoolers and Pre-K students will love these BINGO games for beginning sounds.

Childrens Music With a Purpose: Literacy

2 mp3s The Backwards Alphabet and I Wrote This Song, 2 How to play chord progression videos, 2 Lyricchord PDFs

Alphabet Capital Letter Name Fluency

A fun and easy way to master letter names! 24 weeks of capital letter name practice for children who know fewer than 15 capital letter names. Students learn 1-2 new capital letters a week while practicing already learned letters as they build their letter naming fluency.

I Spy ABC Scavenger Hunts

Kids have so much fun with scavenger hunts! Why not channel that excitement into some engaging alphabet practice? This set includes 229 pages of Printable I Spy Alphabet Scavenger Hunts with TONS of uses all year long!

Montessori and Montessori-Inspired resources

Movable Alphabet Box Labels

Make letter labels in lowercase manuscript, D’Nealian, or cursive. If you prefer both uppercase and lowercase letters, there are labels for each picture with a capital letter and lowercase letter in manuscript, D’Nealian, or cursive. Also includes printable movable alphabet in manuscript, DNealian, and cursive.

Movable Alphabet and Beginning Sounds

Printable movable alphabets with phonics sets in blue & red, plus solid alphabets in red, blue & black for word study activities. Includes beginning sounds in 2-part letter and image and 3-part cards letter, image, and words.

Montessori Language Arts Curriculum

This 65-page bundle has 7 different activities including Montessori Language Arts Moveable Alphabet Printable, Sight Word Cards & Bingo, Alphabet Phonogram Writing, Phonogram Reading and Writing & Digraph Reading and Writing.

Montessori Alphabet Activities Pack

50 Pages of Montessori Inspired Alphabet Activities for age 2-8. Youll get a Montessori Movable Alphabet, Letter Sound Matching, Alphabet Cards, Beginning Letter Sound Phonics Cards and so much more. These activities are perfect for learning and exploring the alphabet and letter sounds.

Montessori-Inspired Letters and Sounds Printable Pack Bundle

The Montessori Letters and Sounds Printable Pack Bundle is 151 pages long.

Beginning Letter Sound Clip Cards

These 32 clip cards are Montessori-inspired beginning letter sound clip cards and use realistic images, Montessori letter colors, and an order used in many Montessori schools to introduce letter sounds. The clip cards also use the Montessori concepts of lowercase letters and short vowel sounds.

Handwriting Practice Bundle

There are two bundles included in this set: Rainbow Letters & Cutting Strips. The bundle includes 12 sets totaling over 75 cutting strips and 4 thematic Rainbow Letters Sets.

Forest Explorer Printing Bundle

This digital download is packed with over 90 pages of beautifully illustrated resources.

Forest Explorer Cursive Writing Bundle

This digital download is packed with over 90 pages of beautifully illustrated resources

Nonfiction Alphabet Cards

Use these Nonfiction Alphabet Cards to inspire writing, provide vocabulary, or during centers! Each word has 4 nonfiction pictures with the initial sound!

Fine motor, pre-writing, and writing

Snap Cube ABC Activities Mini Bundle

These letter building activities use snap cubes in both a year-round and a winter-themed set of alphabet mats. Use these in your centers, morning tubs, or small groups. Recording sheets are also included.

Alphabet Roads Letter Match

Alphabet Roads Letter Match: A fun way to practice letter recognition, upper- and lowercase matching, letter sorting, tracing, and more! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

ABC Dot Marker Set

4 sets of ABC Dot marker printables for kids to learn with. They come in options of uppercase and lowercase with all 26 letters of the alphabet. You have loads of no-prep pages for kids to use to learn their ABCs

Alphabet Play Dough Mats

This product contains 26 full-color alphabet mats. The mats can be laminated so that you can use them over and over again. These play dough mats can be used as worksheets or take-home activities.

A-Z SkyGround Play Mats

These playmats can be used over and over again to help kids form letters with sensory play! The sky and ground visual cues help with letter formation. Use to work on letter formation with sensory and fine motor play.

Find The Letter: Alphabet Recognition

These spot and dot it printables will help children to visually discriminate letters in lowercase and uppercase, develop hand and eye coordination, and hand control too.

Uppercase Alphabet Rhymes

Teach little ones how to write uppercase alphabet letters with these formation rhymes! This set of printables explains how to write the uppercase letters with a fun little rhyme. These can be used as posters around a room, tracing with a finger, or tracing with a writing utensil.

Learn to Write (lowercase)

Help children learn to write the easy way! They will learn letter formation and use multi-sensory techniques -- all with a fun twist.

Farm Alphabet Writing Activities

Hands-on Farm-themed Alphabet Writing Activities for Pre-K and Kinder. Includes 9 activities: Letter Formation Cards, Letter Cards, Blank Books, Writing Paper, Letter Writing Game, Write the Room, and more!

Beginning Sounds Tracing Cards

Practice phonics while learning letter formation and other writing skills! There are six cards for each letter to keep a literacy center full and rotated regularly

Letter Formation Worksheets

Use these worksheets to work on letter formation. Best used in plastic sleeves for repeat use.

We stand by what we offer. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the contents of the bundle, simply let us know within 30 days, and we will issue you a 100% refund. No questions asked. No hassles. No hard feelings.

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