Montessori Inspiration At Home

Language - Toddler Series

This Montessori inspired book is a helpful resource for caregivers who want to support their toddler's language journey. It includes 80 pages. Each activity comes with simple instructions, printables, and photos that caregivers can use as a guide.

There is a total of 12 chapters, such as how to start, the role of the caregiver, pre-reading activities, pre-writing skills, crossing the midline, sound games, the 3-period lesson, teaching a second language, and more!

There are some amazing printables included with the book. Normally, these would retail for over $40! Some of the amazing materials included are: beautiful ABC cards with pictures and correct phonetic sounds, 3 part cards for matching work, sequencing cards, I spy games, opposites, nursery rhymes, labeling the environment cards, life-cycle matching cards (match Safari TOOBs), checklists and resource guides for caregivers!

There are even 130+ pages of printables and resources, including Spanish printables!

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